With regards to swimming there are 3 areas SFC deals with;

  1. Improving arm/leg unification for power, speed and breathing economy
  2. Recovery of shoulder, neck, arm, back, knee and leg tightness and soreness (self-healing)
  3. Instant explosive power for leaving the block (esp. short distance racing)
  4. Mental grounding before important swim meets/international competition

Improving arm and leg unification for power and speed, for SFC, is based around linked, three-dimensional movement. The unification is not just physical but actually takes place at a cellular level. This is what SFC calls ‘cell’s memory’. All the body’s cells are working together, like a snake or a fish, the mind is in a meditative state, calm and grounded, with your movement being subconscious; without thinking. In other words, your body is operating by itself. Our training also focuses on improving breathing economy. We focus on breathing into the action brain, located in the abdomen. As ‘cell’s memory’ takes over movement, the swimmer breathes naturally into the action brain allowing movement to unfold autonomically. Moreover, within this ‘cell’s memory’ lays the secret to body sensitivity in the water, or what some swimmers would term ‘feel for the water’. Although ‘feel for the water’ can appear mysterious or elusive to some swimmers, it is possible to teach this method. This is because the water has positive and negative ions along with human body. Our training can help the swimmer to achieve alignment between the ions in the water and the swimmer’s body. The swimmer naturally feels the water and reacts to movements within it. These actions, in response to the water’s movement, are natural and correct because they are flowing from the subconscious mind.

Recovery of the body from tightness and soreness, in the view of SFC, relies on three circulations in the human body;

  1. blood circulation
  2. nervous system/mental circulation
  3. digestive circulation
      Recovery from tightness, and soreness, for most professional athletes, means relying on external sources. Methods such as massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, etc. are all valued remedial techniques but are dependent on increasing and improving circulation externally. However, the creation of circulation internally is a much superior and higher form of self-healing, within our system.

The abilities of self-healing are listed below;

  1. The knowledge to improve the body’s three circulations through mind focus
  2. Having the correct movements to self-release an area of pain or discomfort

These can only be viewed as tools of the utmost importance to the professional athlete. With this knowledge the professional athlete is much more likely to enjoy their training as their injury tally and nagging pains start to subside, slowly disappearing. So instead of feeling forced into training, and pushing through injury and pain, the professional can hit the water feeling more comfortable and confident with their actions, knowing that they’re not aggravating something or making the problem worse. SFC’s patented three dimensional movements, also help the body to return itself back to its natural position. Ligaments and tendons find their way back to position, while muscles become longer, and rubber like.

Instant explosive power is the body’s chemistry, at a cellular level, all firing in synchronicity. This is very much like a bomb going off, or like a powerful sneeze; going from complete relaxation to sudden tension in an extremely short time. In Chinese terminology, this power is called Fa-jing. This means “action without preparation” and is a very high level display of the human body in complete harmony and balance with itself. Preparation here means observing an external condition and then getting ready to respond. The fa-jing tension point is explosive power that comes from you internally and is stored in the abdomen for use at such time. Although western science is yet to understand this innate power in all of us, the methods and techniques taught by SFC have been used in the East for five thousand years.

This instant power is especially useful at the blocks because of the fine line between first and second place. This time can be very, very short so by picking up time at the blocks can mean the difference between winning and losing. This explosive power is not only about cellular chemistry, it is also working in conjunction with breathing. Once again this style of training improves the body’s breathing economy, so that when you are swimming in the water you will require to breathe less often, instead, utilising the oxygen you have taken in, in a more thorough way.

Mental grounding before an important competition can be one of the largest challenges faced by professional athletes. We believe that overcoming fear, anxiety and pre-game nerves is a matter of covering two areas; circulation and oxygen. By improving blood circulation, especially to the brain, more oxygen can be delivered to this vital organ. Why is this important? It’s quite basic; oxygen supports clear brain function. Every time you take a breath, over 50% of the oxygen you take in is used up simply in brain function! So for us if someone has a hot temper this simply means not enough oxygen is reaching the brain and function has been impeded leading to the person not thinking clearly.

Through our training, we combine breathing techniques with three-dimensional movements that improve blood circulation and oxygen flow through the body. Moreover, as the athlete’s training compounds they will start to understand that our system is ‘moving meditation’. As circulation is improved, along with oxygen economy, the body’s cells start to work more efficiently thereby economising resources. This means your cells are functioning at a slower rate making it much easier for the swimmer to calm down. Through the training you will also gain greater control over your body at a cellular level, which will allow you to focus on an area inside yourself if you need to. We help your body find balance of the internal organs, especially between the liver and kidneys and the heart and lungs. This balance is an automatic response from correct training. As the training progresses, the mind can focus on its goal much more easily, ignoring outside noises and pressure. This focus is a laser-like mentality with the body in a relaxed and natural state and tension at a minimum.