It goes without saying that surfers love surfing! Our mission is to infuse your passion with the water so there is no distinction. SFC’s approach to surfing is not from a purely physical point of view. Our job is to improve natural feel, instant explosive power which can be controlled at will, and a fully functioning, mobile and balanced body. SFC also deals with increasing body sensitivity so that you can adjust to the face of the wave, in a more natural state, with feeling and emotional content. We treat surfing as an art form, not too dissimilar to painting or creating a piece of music.

So at SFC our training will cover three areas;

  1. We want the surfer to become more grounded and happier. We want their energy channels to be open so the body is loose and moves and flows naturally. When the surfer reaches this higher level, they achieve what SFC calls “cell’s smile”. This is internal happiness devoid of external conditions. With this feeling comes trust and belief. SFC wants you to believe you can beat any wave. More importantly, we make you believe in yourself. This is especially important when it comes to competition surfing.
  2. We want the surfer to become more sensitive. This means that the body is now listening to its surroundings, becoming much more sensitive to the external world. This is what we term sensitivity through “cells memory”.
  3. Aerial and advanced wave manoeuvres are supercharged by instant internal explosive power. This can make the seemingly impossible, become possible. This is power that emanates from within the body, as all the body’s cells fire in synchronicity. Snap and spring power can assist in better control and a faster more powerful response, whether on the face or crest of a wave, especially for a sudden move to change direction. This power is not disconnected from the wave but utilises harmony and force to create an action which can put you in a better position for a trick or save you from a wipe out.
  4. Lastly, we want the surfer to have their body function returned to a more natural state. This means a return to mobility and self-healing. Over time most surfers will start to notice that their rear leg can become tight through the hip, whereas the front leg may be loose and weak. SFC’s job is to help the surfer become balanced by improving joint mobility, muscle and ligament tightness and/or weakness, especially through the shoulders and hips. As the training continues the surfer’s body is beginning to heal and can feel these changes coming on week by week. Once healing and mobility have occurred within the surfer, they will feel more comfortable, and confident, without the stress of injury and pain.