There are 3 areas, which SFC focuses on for Soccer;

  1. Natural, 3D rubber body
  2. Decrease of injuries
  3. Feeling grounded (maintaining your ‘form’)

Undisputedly, soccer is one of the world’s largest games, and being in this position means that its high-level players are under a lot of pressure. When a player is under too much pressure they feel disconnected from their body and skills. SFC’s job is to reverse this process so that regardless of what is happening in a player’s life, whether it be family, relationships, financial or other hardships, their ball skills and technique remained consistent and at a level that is acceptable to the team, coach, club and to themself. Through increased blood circulation and oxygen in the body and mind, SFC can help to resolve these pressure issues that are experienced by professional soccer players worldwide.

SFC also recognises that more is being used by the body, than just the legs, in soccer. We start with mobilising the skeleton’s major joints including the spine, the hips, shoulders, and arms as well as soft and connective tissues. These movements also help the player to release the lower back and hips, which reunites the kinetic chain producing fluidity. Hours of soccer practice can tighten the lower back and hips which is very bad for performance and actually is contraindicated to power and movement.

We approach our training from an arts point of view; like playing the piano which is full of fluidity and feeling. Our mission is to give players “natural feel”. We want the player to move like a fish in the water. This means that their body is dynamically linked via three-dimensional movements and knows what it is doing, so their mind has confidence and trust. Soccer’s highest level is subconscious mind, where action takes place by itself without conscious thought.