SFC focuses on 3 areas for snowboarding:

  1. 3D flexibility for movement
  2. Body balancing for less injuries
  3. Explosive power for aerial tricks

3-D flexibility for movements is very important because it returns natural movement, and feel, back to the body. It is also integral to balancing the body, initiating self-healing and fewer injuries in play. Having a more flexible/rubbery body greatly reduces the chance of injury from an impact or fall. Typically a snowboarder will have a power side which is strong and tight, and a steering side which tends to be weaker and loose. The job at a SFC is to balance the body so that the left feels like the right and vice versa. This 50-50 balancing of the body is important for turning the board from left to right and performing tricks from either side without bias. Our system is designed to make you feel more natural, and comfortable, whilst piloting your board. It will allow you to find your centre-point much more easily. This centre-point is heavy, and can be physically felt within the abdominal region of the body.

Explosive power for aerial tricks is the body’s internal energy exploding out in synchronicity during a trick. This exploding out of energy, in Chinese terminology, is known as fa-jing and is our area of expertise. Our fa-jing is not linear in nature, instead is like a three-dimensional spiral which is why it is so effective in the air. As your power develops, we help insert this fa-jing power into your aerials. Fa-jing power can also be put into general snowboarding, including the split-second before going into a trick (especially if feeling the need for extra power). This Fa-jing power is not separate, or cut off, from any other movement. In fact it is blended into the boarder’s movements and is natural in its production. This keeps all the movement’s smooth and flowing, like a brush flowing across a canvas. In the air, fa-jing can be used for twisting, spinning, and flipping. The fact that the boarder has already received instruction in three-dimensional movement in the SFC system means that their body has been prepared to utilise 3-D Fa-jing at any angle. Without this preparatory instruction, fa-jing can damage the body, as ligaments and tendons are not ready to receive it. Your ligaments and tendons must be in a position of complete trust, and the body unified and kinetically linked. Training for cells memory and fa-jing power, the professional snowboarder can expect to see a result within 6 to 12 weeks, depending on your body responses, level of understanding and dedication to training.