Rugby (Union & League)

There are 4 areas, which SFC focuses on, for Rugby;

  1. Internal pressure for explosive power (impact training)
  2. Injury recovery
  3. Natural movement
  4. Increasing sporting life

The main area for rugby which SFC deals with is that of internal pressure. Much like a basketball when it strikes the ground, SFC turns the rugby player into a pressurised “rubbery” ball. This means that when the player strikes his opponent, he can transfer his energy and power to them. SFC also deals with striking recovery. This is training the rugby player with 3-D spherical movements,combined with practices of internal pressure, which help the player to react instantly to a strike from another person. This instant reaction creates resilience in the player and allows him to absorb, or deflect, energy from his opponent.

The highest level of rugby training, by SFC methods, is one where the player, during less dynamic times of the match, resides in a state of relaxation and suppleness. However, when the player enters into contact with other players his body is strong and resilient and has the full capacity to deliver maximum energy transfer. This means economy of motion and greater stamina for less input.

SFC doesn’t teach or deal with rugby playing techniques, our main concern is passing on “natural movement” to players. This means actually physiologically changing a player so their body is more dynamically linked and has the ability to flow, be flexible, and supple.

In this regard, SFC only approaches highly trained professionals in the game of rugby. This is due to the fact that the knowledge being passed on is very deep and requires a level of maturity and life experience to connect to the amount, and depth, of information being divulged.

From a club perspective, SFC guarantees a lower rate of injury in its players is instruction is carefully and diligently followed. This translates quite simply to better attendance at a higher level of gameplay from club players. This is one of the goals of club management and coaches across Australia.