Reflex Mind

Reflex mind for martial arts is setting up the body so that all actions happen naturally in a reflexive way. The body reacts to a sudden action without thought, much like your eyes blinking when someone flicks something at you. The reaction is sub-conscious.

The teaching of reflex mind is done in a step-by-step process. It is the synergising of the practitioners prior Yang Mian methods (e.g. calligraphy elbow, steel body, calligraphy grappling, sensitive training, meditation, Fa-jing, footwork etc.), Qi circulation and cell’s memory with a subconscious mind, on a three dimensional framework. This is the highest level of combat and is the beginning of ‘empty mind’. This reflex mind is what all martial artists are looking for from their training, but is very hard to find; an instantaneous, reflexive response to an outside threat or stimuli.

Reflex Mind is the joining together of the body, mind and spirit (feeling). In Chinese this is called “Sen Yi Xin”, the body and mind joined together.

As the reflex mind develops, Master Yang also incorporates Chinese calligraphy writing to bring a deeper realisation to the reflex mind. This is an external expression of internal feeling.