January 11-19th 2014

Healing Power of Yoga – Calligraphy Yoga Teaching Course Part 1, 11 – 19th January 2014 – Melbourne

In this 9 day course, Master Yang will give an in depth explanation on the practical teachings of Calligraphy Yoga. He will guide the practitioner through physical movements, breathing techniques and energy (‘Qi’) control to increase energy (‘Qi’) production promoting blood, digestive and mental circulation. This course works on the fundamentals of Calligraphy Yoga and prepares the practitioner for part 2. Check out our workshops page for info including where and cost.

March 22-30th 2013

Part 1 of Calligraphy Yoga Course – 9 days – Sydney

This will be taking place in Sydney NSW in the Bankstown Headquarters.At this 9 day course, Master Yang will give in-depth practical teaching and guidance using the body, physical movement, breath and Mudra (energy control) for increased energy production and to promote blood, digestive and mental circulation. During each day of the course, Master Yang will assist participants in gaining a deeper experiential understanding of their own body’s healing mechanism and ways of directing energy. They will learn how to use this knowledge to increase their own health and vitality. As well as the methods of using Calligraphy Yoga and the Calligraphy Health system, for healing one’s body in addition to teaching others how to heal themselves.

October 18-26th 2014

Part 2 of Calligraphy Yoga Instructors Course – 9 days – Sydney

This will be taking place in Sydney NSW in the Bankstown Headquarters. Master Yang will be moving all those who started his Part 1 up to the next level and qualifying them. This is also an excellent opportunity for anyone who uses their hands for healing. Acupuncturists, massage therapists, reiki practitioners et al are all more than welcome. Part 2 will be consisting of qi gong and energy movement within the basic postures as well as developing internal power and pressure. On top of that, there will be the opportunity to ask questions plus tonnes more information. Be aware this is intensive. Check out details in our workshops section.