Martial Arts Levels

Detailed below is the basic training structure for the Yang Mian System. The complete course takes 10 years to complete by which time you will be considered a master of the system. This starts at Level 1 finishing at Level 5.

However, there is the ability within the system to learn special sections of the training if you wish to have just this skill. For example a boxer may wish to train just Steel Hand or a kick boxer may wish to focus on leg training/conditioning. Master Yang offers this selective training to those who just want the one area of the Yang Mian System.

Please note that the Yang Mian System is only taught to adults (16yrs+). This is due to the personal responsibility of the power attained in the art.

Level 1 – Base Power Training (2yrs)

Base Power training is the coordination of the body cells all firing together. This is done internally utilising the Dantian and body’s internal organs, causing instant power to explode out from the body. This power, once attained, can be put into any part of the body, or into any movement and can be heard for up to 50m away. This is power you can hear, see and feel (or what Master Yang calls his best, basic measurement!). Level one base power training is taught and practised over a two year period. It is a requirement of the Yang Mian system that before moving on to Level 2 that base power training is solidified. Additionally, you must be given approval by Master Yang to move onto level 2 and this relies on attaining base power as well as your personality/attitude.

Level 2 – Intermediate Training (2-4yrs)

Level 2 Intermediate Training is the basic introduction to the Calligraphy Elbow system (10 of 26 pairs), Calligraphy Grappling (Chi Na [similar to an eel in the water]), Steel Body system, as well as Leg and Sensitivity training (46 pairs). During this time you will gain a basic understanding of these systems and the basic training to complement this understanding. At the end of intermediate training you will be able to perform basic strikes, grapples and understand how to generate pressure for steel body. You will also gain an understanding of 3-D link.

Level 3 – Upper Intermediate (2yrs)

In Level 3 each section of the Yang Mian system becomes much more solidified with a deeper understanding. This level is heavy, hard training for understanding “Qi flow”. This includes the basic linking of elbows within the elbow system, basic linking within the grappling system, stronger steel body application which includes the ability to penetrate and absorb power. This is the same for the leg training and sensitivity where the understanding and application becomes stronger. Level 3 is working towards the preparation and attainment of reflex link which occurs in Level 4 but is also focussed on heavy, explosive power. It is also the level where the Yang Mian System really reaches down to the cellular level, recoding your DNA and setting up the power and skill for the rest of your life.

Level 4 – Advanced (2yrs)

Level 4 is training the “linking” of all the separate sections learnt in the previous three levels. This also includes putting together everything you have learnt before (including previous martial experience). This is also the level where reflex mind is attained. The practitioner consolidates their knowledge and power but also learns how to trust the body’s natural and intuitive “Qi” feeling separate from the mind. So at Level 4, the practitioner starts to practice controlling unified movement at a subconscious level. Further to this, Master Yang also starts training a special section of the martial arts known as Fa-jing. This is the ultimate of martial arts power, yin/yang balance and co-ordination. This training is reserved only for the trusted, higher level students of the Yang Mian System.

Level 5 – Master

Level 5 is freedom for live experience. There is no further basic training required. You are free to warm-up then train and practice as you wish.