With golf being gentle and solo, SFC deals with golf in 3 areas;

  1. Mental grounding and “quiet” confidence
  2. Powering the golf swing
  3. Body/mind unification and “black hole” concentration

Competition golf can be very demanding. This is why mental grounding and confidence are of the utmost importance to a golfer in these circumstances. That is why SFC teaches these two points, in focus, to professional golfers. Through the training, a player can feel an actual difference within them, physiologically and psychologically, as they go further and further with the system. The body becomes more relaxed, and looser, when this occurs the mind follows. The player will also start to feel more humble and happy. This is not an over the top feeling of happiness but more of a quiet happiness. So instead of being like a dog running around wagging its tail, you’re more like a gigantic ocean wave; peaceful and humble with a far greater potential.

SFC’s unique methods of generating power can be utilised by a golf player to increase the explosiveness of their swing. Our methods develop an internal engine that connects the body together, not just at a physical level, but at a cellular level. Then, by utilising this engine, the player will start to notice that they are more kinetically linked and power runs through their body smoothly. They will also notice that their tension is releasing, their body has a ‘rubber’ feeling and function and mobility are returned. They will also have the ability to transfer power from the ground (under their feet) to the ball, so when the ball is struck it is more like a bullet going off, as opposed to an axe swing. SFC’s method is a unique three-dimensional method that cannot be found with any other training system.

Body/mind unification is especially important, especially as the player gets closer to a hole. The closer one gets, the higher the tension feels. This is why breathing, the mind, and the body need to become one at this point. This will reduce nervousness and internal dialogue of the player. The body moving automatically, without tension, by ‘cell’s memory’ provides a much more likely opportunity for success. This unification of the mind and body also provides sensitivity at the golf tee. This sensitivity should already be felt by the professional golfer, however sometimes external conditions can cause the professional to lose this sensitivity. For example relationship breakdowns, financial problems or any or any kind of personal problem, these can all affect your game. By training with SFC in body/mind unification techniques, the professional golfer has more tools to provide themselves with more stability on the golf course. By being more stable you will retain your club-to-ball sensitivity.

Body/mind unification also incorporates what SFC terms “black hole” concentration. This is the ability to cut out external noise and stimuli through focus. This allows the player to move in a meditative way, increasing the chances of success.

Another part of black hole concentration is the ability to control the heart rate and the cells of the body through breathing. What we mean by this is that we can slow down the body’s heart rate and cell function, so that you remain cool under pressure. This is also the same as a monk who meditating at a very high level. This type of training is especially good for those who suffer from a hot temper, or anxiety. This allows the golfer to find a ‘personal’ cold place. It’s a place where they can find themself, giving a deep sense of self-reliance. SFC believes that this knowing of the self is innate in all of us when we are born, but as we develop and mature we lose this sense. At SFC we help the golfer to reach this place again.

Lastly, SFC recognises that golf can be a physically one-sided game. What we mean here is that typically the right-handed golfer will always use the left hand to steer, and the right hand for power, this is also the same for the legs. Typically in a one-sided sport the power side will hold tension and will be tight, as opposed to the steering or corrective side which will be loose and slightly weaker. SFC helps to rebalance the body, as it is a complete system of training that doesn’t favour either side. We will help you to release the tension in your power side (which under this condition is probably carrying an injury) and then help to increase strength and function in your weaker side.