General Stress Program

Stress can manifest from a number of areas. Some of the main factors are;

  1. Relationship and family troubles.
  2. Financial worries.
  3. Employment anxiety and concerns
  4. Personal health problems

In fact, the area of stress has too many factors to number on just one page. Tired eyes, stiff neck, lower back pain, too hot, too cold, too busy, exhaustion, pressure, deadlines, kids and the list goes on and on. When the body becomes overly sensitive to its environment, stress is the inevitable outcome. Extend your awareness and you will come to see; there is a huge pool of external stimuli continually putting pressure on the human system. For example, tired eyes can come from looking at a computer screen, studying books or staring at the road all day long, watching too much TV, or cataloguing stock. Simply put, stress comes from the human body not liking something. So how do we deal with getting rid of this “not liking” feeling? How do we overcome this?

This isn’t just about a change of attitude. Mentally, this is about changing your views and perspectives to ones which are positive. Physiologically it’s about changing your breathing patterns, increasing oxygen levels, and improving circulation.

Calligraphy Health has special skills and techniques, specialising in dealing with the area of stress, especially in the corporate world.

The first area that stress affects is the brain. Blood circulation and oxygen delivery to the brain, under stress, are reduced. In these conditions brain cells clump together, reducing the capacity to make a clear decision. Under stress people can easily make silly decisions and this is why. Stress is also a contributing factor in poor immune function. Again, this is a circulatory problem causing blood cells to clump together, reducing the body’s oxygen resources. It is also a condition of the body’s natural energy channels being blocked.

By utilising ancient Chinese knowledge, we work with the body, unblocking these channels. We also correct poor breathing patterns which in turn affects oxygen intake. The combination of these two systems, in unison with 3-D movement, improves overall cell function. Moreover, Calligraphy Health works to separate cells, which actually promotes healthy immune function. We can work with an individual, or a group, to improve the overall perspective on their job and place of employment. If an individual or group are struggling, or not coping, Calligraphy Health can turn this negative feeling into a more positive, peaceful outcome.