Fa-jing (Instant Internal Explosive Power) for Martial Arts

Fa-jing is a special training method and is the most secretive realm of the Chinese martial arts. Usually, this method of training is closely guarded and is not taught outside of the family.

Fa-jing, or instant internal explosive power, is the body’s cell’s firing in complete synchronicity. This is the same as a bomb going off, or like a powerful sneeze; going from complete relaxation to sudden tension in a fraction of a second. Application of fa-jing is not limited to a one-time use, instead it can explode, linking from one to another causing permanent, serious damage or death.

Yang Mian does not teach linear Fa-jing. Fa-jing can, and does, exist in a 2-Dimensional plane but this means to apply what you have learnt you need to be in a certain position (an area in space and time). In comparison, Yang Mian’s methods are 3-Dimensional, like a ball or sphere with over 64 different types of Fa-jing power. Application comes from any angle, “hooking it on” through unbroken movement. It blends into movement and is natural in its production, working in conjunction with flowing action. This fa-jing power can be combined with calligraphy elbow, steel body, calligraphy grappling even a basic strike with devastating effects. This is because the release of fa-jing, in combat, is done through the reflex mind, sensitivity and cell’s memory. It is because of this response that fa-jing can cause internal bleeding and trauma, the removal of ligaments and tendons, and the destruction of joints. The fa-jing response is not through conscious thought, but is automatic and subconscious.

Without preparatory instruction, training for fa-jing can damage the body as ligaments and tendons are not ready to receive it. Ligaments and tendons must be in a position of complete trust, and the body unified and kinetically linked. That said, fa-jing can be used for health by helping to eliminate waste products from the body at a cellular level.

Fa-jing has been in development, in China for thousands of years. This type of knowledge is passed on from generation to generation and is based in ying/yang balance. It is nothing to everything, and everything to nothing. Fa-jing is recognised as the highest level display of the human body in complete harmony and balance with itself.

The teaching of fa-jing, within the Yang Mian system, is completely reliant on a student’s personality and demeanour and is at the discretion of Master Yang.