Fa-jing is the Chinese terminology for the body’s cellular chemistry firing in complete synchronicity i.e. food and oxygen combining at a cellular level and forced together into perfect time. This is very much like a bomb going off, or like a powerful sneeze; going from complete relaxation to sudden tension in a fraction of a second.

Fa-jing response can be defined as “action without thinking or preparation”. “Thinking or preparation” here means observing an external condition and then preparing to respond through a process of conscious thought. This process of thought is not part of the fa-jing response. The fa-jing response is automatic and sub-conscious which is why training for this method is complex and rare.

On a further note, the fa-jing methods taught by SFC are not linear in nature. Fa-jing can, and does, exist in a 2-Dimensional plane but this means to apply what you have learnt you need to be in a certain position (an area in space and time). In comparison, SFC’s methods are 3-Dimensional, mapping the model of a sphere. This means that application is much more versatile and can be applied at any angle, through unbroken movement. It blends into an athlete’s movement and is natural in its production, working in conjunction with flowing action. In the air, fa-jing can be used for twisting, spinning, and flipping. On the ground it can be used in transference to objects and people.

Without preparatory instruction, fa-jing can damage the body, as ligaments and tendons are not ready to receive it. Your ligaments and tendons must be in a position of complete trust, and the body unified and kinetically linked.

While western science is yet to recognise and understand this innate power in all of us, SFC is teaching methods and techniques which have been employed in the East for five thousand years. Fa-jing is recognised as the highest level display of the human body in complete harmony and balance with itself.