For cricket we teach 3 areas;

  1. Body balancing (esp. for bowlers)
  2. Reflex mind for action
  3. Instant explosive power

At SFC we understand that cricket is generally a physically one-sided sport. By this we mean that one side is favoured as a power side. This means that only one side of the cricketer’s body is being used physically and with tension. We teach the cricketer, at a cellular level, how to release the tension in the power side and bring the body back into balance. By training the body at a cellular level, the cricketer will have a faster recovery time if they are injured; know when to become tense for action, and when to relax on non-action. All of this equates for a longer sporting life.

The actions we teach at SFC are based on a three-dimensional ball, meaning that all the body’s ligaments, tendons and joints are being moved in a complete range of motion helping the skeleton, soft tissues, muscles, ligaments and tendons to come back to a natural position. Coupled with breathing and movements that are similar to a ‘moving meditation’ we can bring the cricketer’s body into a ‘rubber like’ state. This will make the cricketer faster than before. For example, for bowling there is a lot of muscular and tendons stress in the bowling action. There is also a lot of skeletal stress. This is because the bowler is using a physical method to produce power i.e. he is only using his muscles. At SFC we give tuition on using the power mind of the abdominal region. This helps to transfer power from the ground, through the legs to the power centre, then into the shoulder, the arm, hand and then into the ball. All of this is very smooth and completely natural. The body is soft and only relying on tension when tension is needed.

All of this is not to say that a professional cricketer doesn’t already have a high level of skill, what we aim to do at SFC is to take any bumps or kinks out of the actions of players and help them become smooth, natural and recover from injuries so they have a longer sporting life. We specialise in creating packages for players and teams. Individually we can tailor a package for a player to help him or her achieve their training goals. Alternatively, we can tailor a package for a team to help the team achieve their goals.

Let us finish on reflex mind for action. Here we are talking about setting up the body so that the thinking mind, which resides in the skull, has an electrical vessel connection with the body/power mind which resides in the abdominal region. SFC has intimate knowledge on how to create this electrical connection. This means we can remove thought processes from action, so that the player doesn’t have to think before moving. All actions happen naturally in a reflexive way. We term this ‘instant flash catch’, whereby the body reacts to a sudden action without thought, much like the flash of a blinking eye. We teach you to catch the blink. Reflex mind is also reliant on setting up the body cells with what we call the ‘cell’s memory’. As the cricketer trains from day to day in the SFC methods, they start to set up this cellular memory which eventually goes deep enough into the human body so as to affect the player’s DNA and cell membrane. Once we are at this level, the player will feel a physiological and psychological change in their body; from here they are set-up for reflex mind.

Instant explosive power is generated from the action mind which is found in the abdominal region of the body. It is also reliant on blood circulation and blood flow. Once the connection has been made with the action mind, and blood circulation is flowing correctly, then the player can generate instant explosive power.This power is not generated through physical methods. Instead, the body must be in a natural state, using a flow that is smooth and fluid. Think of a small boat on a river flowing naturally with the current. Even with something as simple as a car driving forwards, you wouldn’t suddenly put the car into reverse to turn around! Instead you would turn the steering wheel and smoothly hook the car around. This is the ideology behind SFC’s training methods. Instant explosive power is the body’s chemistry, at a cellular level, all firing in synchronicity. It is sudden and with a shock, like two cars colliding. Outside, the cars have suddenly stopped accelerating; however inside the car the people are still accelerating forwards. We know this as inertia. This ”inertia” is the type of power we are talking about. Attaining this type of explosive power does not take long, especially with consistent training. The player and coach should see a result within three months.

This method is also reliant on the relationship between relaxation and tension. When power is generated you are tense, when you are not generating power, you are relaxed. This is why under SFC’s training and methods your sporting career will be much longer and much healthier. Simply because you are not continually damaging or stressing joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons.