Client Testimonials

Transforming Work Stress and Prostate Cancer Stress | Rob Mason

Robert Mason, CEO of Railcorp, gives a firsthand interview explaining how Master Yang and the Calligraphy Health System have given him the tools to cope with his occupation and health.

Simon Borg Olivier talks about the benefits of Calligraphy Yoga for health, wellbeing and Yoga teachers!

Simon Borg Olivier has been a yoga teacher for 30 years is a Physiotherapist and has 3 science degrees! Here he talks about how Master Yang has challenged mainstream Yoga Conventions and taught him the value of circulation for healing the body using Calligraphy Yoga. Simon also healed quickly from a broken radius and ulna.

Recovering from a Stroke and Car Accident with Calligraphy Yoga

Musa talks about recovering from a stroke & recovering from a car accident. Musa was told he’d never walk again and would be confined to a wheelchair. He talks about how he’s made amazing progress rehabilitating using Calligraphy Health / Calligraphy Yoga.

Healing tension, breathing, heart and work stress with Calligraphy Health

Harry Casimatis talks about work stress & tension over left side of his body and heart and also blockage of sinuses.

Dr Charles talks about staying healthy and happy as a senior

Dr Charles, a 70 year old GP talks about how he effectively manages his energy levels, and can achieve more and work and walk faster following Calligraphy Health / Calligraphy Yoga training. His blood sugar levels and blood pressure are good, he manages to stay non-obese, healthy, happy, balanced and relaxed with good muscle tone!

Spinocerebella Ataxia Sufferer regains some lost functioning through Calligraphy Health.

Spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA) is a progressive, degenerative, genetic disease; it is a progressive and often fatal neurodegenerative disorder. David Bates talks about how Calligraphy Health & Calligraphy Yoga has helped him with his condition.

Rehabilitation with Calligraphy Yoga following a major car accident

Alan Helmers talks about his recovery and pain management using Master Yang’s Calligraphy Yoga after months in intensive care with brain injury compressed and fractured vertebrae, broken pelvis, internal damage to bowel and bladder.

Major Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation. Not even a coma, brain injury, imbalance, depression or internal injuries could stop Vicki walking again!

vickiVicki Adamopoulos is a survivor. In 1976, at 6 years of age, she was hit by a car and sustained massive head injuries, as well as a broken leg and internal injuries and bleeding. She spent two and a half months in a coma and during this time underwent brain surgery to relieve pressure on her brain. When she finally regained consciousness she couldn’t speak or move at all, except for one eye.

“Her doctors gave her no real hope of recovery,” says her mother Dimitra. “They said that if she lives she’ll be a vegetable.”
This has changed my life, If I hadn’t found Master Yang I’d be sitting at home, feeling depressed. I’m happier now and I’ve got more energy. It’s getting better all the time.— Vicki Adamopoulos

Vicki had physiotherapy for the next year and slowly she made some improvement, though her speech was still unintelligible. She was confined to a wheelchair, went to a special school; and continued with exercises, mainly swimming and walking in a frame. When she was 7 years old she began to speak again. Later she could walk with the aid of crutches and by the time she was 12 she was walking with one crutch, though her balance was poor and she fell a lot. As she entered adolescence she became very depressed and spent a lot of time crying.

In 2006, at the age of 36, she began treatment with master Yang. The left side of her body was much weaker than the right. Her face was lop-sided as well, with the muscles on the left still in spasm. Her left leg was permanently cold and in winter the foot turned purple, grew itchy and developed blisters. A specialist had advised Dimitra that there was nothing that could be done for this condition, but within 3 months her leg had normal circulation and feeling.

Her posture began to improve and her muscles became more even in strength. Her walking improved to the point where she no longer uses a crutch at all. At her local shopping centre when she first appeared walking without any aid, there was spontaneous applause from the shoppers and shopkeepers who knew her and Dimitra, and had watched her struggles for many years. Their family doctor who has known Vicki for 18 years was astounded by her progress.

“It was so embarrassing,” says Vicki, but there is obvious pride in her voice. Being able to walk gives her some independence from her mother and she loves this, often going off by herself in the shopping centre, to the consternation Dimitra, who still has some fears about her strength and balance.

“I wish we had found Master Yang earlier,” says Dimitra. “I feel she would be even better now. But I am so happy and so is the whole family.”

Vicki is dedicated to her practice and comes even if she feels unwell. She is optimistic and now has dreams of travelling though she is a little scared to travel by herself as her balance can sometimes trouble her, especially when she gets too excited or enthusiastic. “This has changed my life,” she says. “If I hadn’t found Master Yang I’d be sitting at home, feeling depressed. I’m happier now and I’ve got more energy. It’s getting better all the time.”


Andrew Campbell on his experiences training Calligraphy Yoga and how it has fixed his back problems.

“I started training with Master Yang after attending one of his weekend workshops, where I could feel the depth and power of his system. I have suffered from a bad lower back injury for over 14 years, but after just a few short sessions with Master Yang I could feel a definite improvement in both my pain levels and spinal mobility. After only 6 weeks (including another 2-day workshop) my back pain is almost completely gone, and my mobility is the best it has been since my injury started! I have also noticed definite improvements in my energy levels, sleeping patterns and overall sense of well-being. I cannot recommend Master Yang’s Calligraphy/Yang Mian system highly enough – anyone who has any health issues, or is interested in improving their energy levels and well-being should try it.”

Recovery from Shoulder Injury and Vertebrae Damage to Spine

domenicDomenic is a former elite rugby union player. He began playing first grade at the age of 15 and was selected in the under 17 Australian team and the under 19 Waratahs. He played with players of the status of David Campese, Jonah Lomu and Phil Kearnes, and may well have played for the Wallabies if chronic shoulder injuries hadn’t forced him to retire from the game in his mid-twenties. Both shoulders were dislocated a number of times and his A/C joint was diagnosed as a class three injury. By the age of 28 he could barely lift a glass of water to his lips, and any movement of either shoulder resulted in excruciating pain. His doctors recommended surgery.

Around this time Domenic’s cousin began training in Calligraphy Health (YMS). He and Domenic had done quite a lot of martial arts as younger men and he thought that Domenic might benefit from seeing Master Yang. Domenic took along his x-rays and told Maser Yang about the condition of his shoulders. Master Yang’s advice was not to have the surgery but rather to begin training with him. It was a critical decision for Domenic: – surgery that promised pain relief, though with possible complications and side effects; – or putting his trust in an untried system and a man he barely knew. Finally he decided surgery could wait a few months and he began the training.

At first the pain intensified. Master Yang explained that he was going through a re-moulding process. Domenic’s body had adopted a number of compensations for his injuries and his posture had changed as a result. This had to be corrected first. He trained once a week at the centre with Master Yang, and 3 to 4 times a week at home or with his cousin. By three months the pain began to disappear. Domenic could lift his hands easily to his face and the mobility in his shoulders increased dramatically. Finally after 4 months the pain was entirely gone and his A/C joints regained their normal range of movement without any discomfort.

Domenic was ecstatic with the improvement to his shoulders, but years of rugby had compounded other conditions in his body that he now wanted to address. His lower back had always been tight and prone to pain, and he could only just reach past his knees when bending forward. X-rays revealed a congenital condition where the lowest vertebra was fused to the sacrum; and a sacrum that was shaped more like a rectangle than the normal triangular shape. Three more months of training with a specific movement taught by Master Yang brought relief from pain and increased flexibility. Domenic could finally touch his toes and all tightness and pain had disappeared.

“I really appreciate what Master Yang has done for me,” says Domenic. “The changes to my body have been almost miraculous. But the longer I train with him the more I’m getting out of the spiritual side of this system. My life is simpler and purer. I feel happier and more alive. And I don’t need material things to make me happy. It just somehow grows out of the training. When I train I feel better in myself. Physically I feel younger, like I did when I was 18. Spiritually I feel so much more in touch with life.”

Domenic trained with Master Yang from the age of 28 till he was 34, and specialised in the steel body training. He realises now how much that would have helped him as a rugby player. “I wish I knew then what I know now,” he says. “I’d still be playing. Steel body uses the force of the chi to protect the body from all the hits you get playing rugby. I would have had so much more protection from the injuries I picked up.”


Domenic’s younger sister suffered from crippling migraines after a fall onto concrete when she was 7. At the onset of an attack the only recourse was strong medication, an injection that put her to sleep for 24 hours. She was a teenager when Domenic overcame his own pain and injury problems through Calligraphy Health (YMS), and he took her to see Master Yang.

He showed her specific pressure points on the head and face – which initially brought tears to her eyes – and how to apply the pressure, so that she could treat herself when she felt a migraine coming on.

Now the attacks are much milder, like an ordinary headache, and she has weaned herself off all medication entirely. She leads a normal life once again.

Mobility restored following knee damage to cartilage ligaments and tendons

gregGreg Johnson had injured his left knee in a car accident, which had resulted in severe damage to the cartilage in the knee and associated damage to the corresponding ligament and tendon attachments. After the accident Greg received physiotherapy twice a week for 6 months, as a means of reducing the symptoms of pain and inflammation in the knee, and of delaying for as long as possible the prospect of a full knee reconstruction. During this period he continued to work as a carpenter and used a knee brace to protect the knee while at work, though the mobility in the knee was minimal.
At the end of 6 months Greg consulted an orthopaedic surgeon. Tests revealed abnormal movement of the knee joint above the range of 2 cm and it was recommended that he undergo reconstruction surgery. However the surgeon could not guarantee either full recovery or the restoration of normal movement.

At this stage Greg consulted Master Yang. On the next Friday he was treated using the techniques unique to the Yang Mian system. On the Saturday the knee was inflamed and sore. There was no change to function or mobility and no reduction to the level of pain. By Sunday Greg was able to walk normally without the knee brace and on Monday he was able to hop on the injured leg. Understandably his physiotherapist was quite shocked.
As a result Greg began training under Master Yang. Within 6 months his mobility was almost completely restored, though Master Yang estimates that 12 months is needed for full regeneration. Greg is able to work and train without pain or any inconvenience, and his only restriction is squatting in the extended ranges. He feels that the application of the philosophical basis, of Calligraphy Health (YMS), towards healing and training allows Master Yang to bring about what would normally be considered impossible regeneration of damaged tissue to complete health and normal function.

Increased Energy Benefits as a result of the Calligraphy Yoga Teacher Training Course

Here is what Simon Hingee, a Yoga instructor from Sydney had to say after attending the Calligraphy Yoga Teacher Training Course:

I came away from the Yoga Calligraphy (Part 1) course with a deeper sense of energy and feeling through my hands and whole body. I found my energy levels were quite high throughout the course. Even though they were 12 hour days, I found I didn’t need as much sleep.

It has given my calligraphy yoga understanding a real boost as I’ve been attending his Bankstown, Sydney classes weekly for about 2 monthes. But the fluidity and energy I can also feel flowing into my general yoga classes, tai chi and martial arts. It’s also given me the confidence to start teaching some calligraphy yoga.

Cerebral Palsy | Balance and Strength have improved significantly!

jasonJason, 21, was born with a form of Cerebral Palsy known as Spastic Diaplegia. His form of the syndrome had affected the motor function of his legs, resulting in the lack of strength and balance to produce a normal gait. For most of his life Jason has suffered muscle pain, weakness and muscle wasting.

Jason was able to significantly improve his strength and balance after 3-6 months
— Jason, 21, Sydney, Australia

After years of trials and treatments, all to no avail, Jason was introduced to Calligraphy Health (YMS). Through simple exercises, based on the Yang Mian’s body/mind philosophy, Jason was able to significantly improve his strength and balance after 3-6 months.

Although there is no cure for Cerebral Palsy there is an array of treatments on offer to reduce the severity of the symptoms. Jason says that after exploring a lot of these options, Calligraphy Health (YMS) has been the only one to deliver on its promises.

Asthma no more! “I feel completely cured.”

peterAt 35 years of age Peter Abi had a strong sporting background. He had been a gold medallist at state and national levels in Tae Kwon Do, had played rugby league and boxed competitively. Further practice in some other forms of martial arts had led to lower back and stomach pain and Peter could find no explanation for his symptoms.

As an adult I used ventolin 7-8 times each day. After training with Master Yang I found I could breathe easily, naturally and I haven’t used any ventolin since. I feel cured of asthma completely.— Peter Abi

As a last resort he began training in Calligraphy Health. Though it seemed superficially very similar to the styles he had learnt before, the attention to detail in the performance of the movements and the correction of previously acquired bad habits came as a pleasant surprise. Even more surprising for Peter was the effect of his pain. Within 6 weeks it had disappeared altogether. His lower back and stomach were entirely pain free, but what impressed Peter most was an unintended impact upon his asthma. Peter had been asthmatic since 14, and as an adult he used ventolin 7-8 times each day. He found he could breathe easily, naturally and hasn’t used any ventolin since. He feels he is cured of asthma completely.

After damaging 8 Vertebrae almost normal mobility has been restored!

toddTodd had sustained fractures to eight major vertebrae, some of which had shattered into five pieces, after a major fall. Todd underwent surgery, having the vertebrae pinned.

Todd’s prognosis was that he would lose a large range of his mobility in his shoulder and neck region. “I was told that I would not be able to put my chin on my shoulder again, and would have permanent restriction in left to right movement of my neck”.

I was told that I would not be able to put my chin on my shoulder again, and would have permanent restriction in left to right movement of my neck.
— Todd, Sydney, Australia

After eight months of training once a week with Master Yang and one to two times a week at home, Todd says nearly all of his normal movements have returned. His balance also has returned and improved and his scars have healed and decreased in size faster than they otherwise would have.

Calligraphy Yoga helps Asthma | No more Inhaler!

deanhMany of the students who come to Calligraphy Health (Yang Mian System) suffering from the symptoms of asthma report a decreased need for medication, and in some cases find they no longer need their inhalers. This is attributed to the specialised breathing and training techniques taught by Master Yang. The YMS cultivates health benefits that allow people to take control of their bodies and better manage their asthma.

I got well from the training methods employed by Master Yang and now no longer use my inhalers.
— Dean H, Sydney, Australia

Dean was diagnosed with asthma as a child, and at 28, when he began training in Calligraphy Health (YMS), he described himself as very unhealthy and chronically ill. After 3 years training his condition had vastly improved and he credits Calligraphy Health (YMS) for improving his breathing and tolerance to exercise. “I got well from the training methods employed by Master Yang and now no longer use my inhalers,” he says.

As well Dean had struggled with obesity for many years and was impressed by the weight loss benefits that came about from the training. His cardiovascular fitness and lung capacity also improved and both contributed to the management of his asthma.

I want to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the most powerful, catalytic change you have created in my life. I have truly found a deeper connection to my own divine and feel so comforted knowing that I have this practice and support despite what happens in life. My heart is flooding with compassion and goodwill for others.

I am continuing my practice daily and feeling increasing levels of light and harmony within. I feel the most warmest and kindred love for you and am honoured to have crossed your path in this lifetime.

– Anna