Circulation (the Pillar)

Through experience in training and understanding of human physiology, SFC has found, much the same as western science, that the base of true human health is in circulation. When we talk of circulation here, we’re not just talking about one type of circulation. The system employed by SFC is actually based on three types of circulation.

Blood Circulation – SFC deals with this area by increasing vascular movement in and around the body’s muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons.
Digestive Circulation – By utilising the abdominal area as a power source, SFC’s trademark movements help to maintain the elasticity of the bowel and intestines. Not only is elasticity maintained but good blood circulation and movement through this area is instrumental in the maintenance of human health.
Mental/Nervous System Circulation – By increasing the efficiency of blood circulation, we get more blood and oxygen to the brain, with the obvious result being increased brain function and clarity in mental signalling. Also, through the training of multiple 3D movements (e.g. manipulating 3 – 4 spherical planes of movement at one time in one motion) an athlete’s co-ordination and function are greatly challenged. It’s during this process that fresh, oxygen laden blood flows through the brain.