Cell’s Memory

A basic explanation of cell’s memory is the body moving automatically without conscious thought. This means that you can remove thinking and internal dialoguing when something needs to be done. You can see this in a simple way, for example, when someone flicks their fingers at your eyes, you automatically blink without thinking. It is the same principle. How can this be done? When the body’s cells are duplicating, they retain their instructions, passing them onto the freshly duplicated cell. We are actually encoding your cells for movement. This does take time, but through the training, which incorporates movement and breathing, SFC can set up cells memory. This puts you in a position of having an automatic response to external stimuli. Once cells memory has been set up, you can start going into a moving meditation for your actions. This means that you are now utilising subconscious mind for your sport. Without thinking you just perform the action. As the cells memory develops and subconscious mind takes over you start getting closer to the “happiness sea”. This is a place, a sanctuary, which develops from deep within you. It is from this place that you can eliminate worry, fear, anxiety and other troubles. Many people train for many years just to find this place.