Calligraphy Health FAQs

Q: Is Calligraphy Health appropriate for men and women?

A: Yes, Calligraphy Health’s programs and training can be followed by both men and women alike. There is no gender specificity to the training. However, Master Yang can tailor a program to suit a person’s personal needs.

Q: Is there an age limit to practising Calligraphy Health Systems?

A: No, there isn’t. Master Yang has carefully crafted a variety of training methods to ensure anyone can benefit from his Calligraphy Health System. For example the Meridian Training System which is a program for the elderly (75+) and Calligraphy Yoga which is generally suited to those under 65.

Q: Is flexibility a prerequisite for Calligraphy Yoga?

A: No. Calligraphy Yoga’s main goal is to increase the production of internal energy or “Qi”, also known as bio-magnetic energy, as well as improve the three main circulations of the body (mental, blood and digestive). Calligraphy Yoga is the coming together of breathing with relaxation and tension to produce a physiological change in the body. Stretching is a by-product, or just one of the varieties of changes experienced with Calligraphy Yoga.

Q: How is Calligraphy Yoga different from other yoga styles?

A: Unlike other styles of yoga, Calligraphy Yoga works with changing the physiology of the human body by increasing the production of “Qi” or bio-magnetic energy in body. As stated above, this is guiding the body’s chemistry through predefined pathways to provide healing, health and longevity. Moreover, Calligraphy Yoga works on the three main circulations in the human body (mental, blood and digestive), to produce an overall affect on a person’s health. This something that cannot be produced by stretching alone; lone stretching can often make a yoga practitioner appear dry (skin and joints). Additionally, the Calligraphy Yoga movements are based on a 3 dimensional sphere. This stretches the body’s connective tissues and muscles in a much more comprehensive manner than traditional static/flowing yoga postures.

Q: Will I feel “Qi” energy right from the start?

A: Some people do, some don’t. Some people feel the signs of “Qi” development; tingling, or heat, in the hands and fingers, even a magnetic signal. All of these are sure signs that you are starting to develop and increase your body’s “charge”. Over time however, everyone will feel energy as long as they are training correctly under a qualified instructor.

Q: Can Calligraphy Health help with weight loss and obesity issues?

A: Of course. Calligraphy Health’s movements open the body’s channels and meridians, improving blood flow. Its 3-dimensional movements also deeply massage the internal viscera. Hormones, intra-abdominal fat, intestinal/bowel function, heart function and blood pressure are all regulated and controlled through the postures and breathing of Calligraphy Health. Calligraphy Health brings the body back into balance. If you are overweight, your weight will decrease. If you are underweight, your weight will increase. This is the nature of the system.

Q: How soon will I feel the effects of the training?

A: The effects of Calligraphy Health training will be felt within 3-6 months of starting. The body, and mind, will start to feel lighter, calmer and more grounded. Furthermore, you will start to feel Qi running through your body but especially in the hands. Old injuries will start to feel less painful and your mood will lift. This is the start of the ‘happiness sea’ that every Calligraphy Health practitioner is heading towards.