Calligraphy Elbow

The development of Calligraphy Elbow by Master Yang was achieved through two separate areas;

  1. Movement that pivots on a Ying/Yang 3-D Energy Ball within the Dantian
  2. The fluid and linked motion of unbroken, Chinese calligraphy writing.

Inside this Calligraphy Elbow System are 26 pairs of elbows. As you move through each elbow the understanding requires deeper knowledge and feeling but become more dangerous and deadly as a result of this. Each elbow can be linked to ‘Dantian Fa-jing’ or instant internal explosive power. As a general rule to this system, Master Yang only teaches the first 10 pairs to his Yang Mian students. This is due to the fact that the preceding 16 elbows progressively become more dangerous.

These Calligraphy Elbows can be linked to any other system within Yang Mian including Steel Body, Calligraphy Grappling and Reflex Mind. This system gives an exceptional result for smaller male and female practitioners. This is due to the sharp and heavy nature of elbowing and the base power behind their delivery. The linking of these elbows is artistic in nature, looking like you are sculpting or painting.

The Calligraphy Elbow System has three separate levels of development, shown below;

  1. Basic elbows: this is each elbow being generated from the Dantian, with a power sound. This is the foundation of the elbow system and advancement cannot occur until this is complete.
  2. Linked elbows: this is the elbows joined together in 3 to 7 linked movements. This training creates an automatic response in an attack situation with one elbow hooking onto the next. The minimum delivery time for three elbows is one second.
  3. Dragon Elbow: this is all the elbows linked together, through unbroken three-dimensional movement. These elbows are generated from within the Dantian and are merely a shadow of it. Because of the ‘wave-like’ pressure and speed generated by Dragon Elbow, an attacker will be over-whelmed as each one cuts and sculpts their body.