Base Power

Base power is the foundation of Master Yang’s training portfolio, whether it is martial arts, sports or health. This is the power station/fuel for all movements within each system. Through special methods and techniques this ‘base power’ is built up internally within the blood and bodily tissues. It is generated through a combination of breathing and calisthenics that helps to set up cell’s memory in the body and store Qi energy in the stockpile of the Dantian.

  1. For martial arts, base power can be shown explosively through devastating actions and movements.
  2. For health, base power can assist in stockpiling Qi in the Dantian to be internally circulated, for Qi Gong and Yoga movements.
  3. Finally, in sports, the base power training method can advance your ability to snap or explode power, and has no limitation to its application. Moreover, this energy is also used for sensitivity in all three areas.

This is power you can;

  1. See: through explosive action or movement
  2. Hear: audibly acknowledge the power of each movement
  3. Feel:
    1. internally as magnetic signal, electricity or heat through the body.
    2. externally as penetrating power or inertia

Through proper, focused training this base power foundation should be achievable within a two-year period. Base power training, within all of Master Yang’s systems, is of the utmost importance and lays the foundations for good quality training within each system. Due to the nature of its cellular development, this power stays with you for the rest of your life.