There are 4 areas, which SFC focuses on, for AFL;

  1. High speed impact (both on the ground and in the air)
  2. Sensitivity training
  3. Injury recovery
  4. Natural movement
  5. Increasing sporting life

The main area of focus for AFL players with Sports Fitness Consultant is that of a high-speed impact, especially when airborne. An airborne position can leave the AFL player vulnerable to impact injuries, especially around the ribs and shoulder. The internal pressure created by the SFC system helps to protect the player from these injuries. This is much the same as a basketball; rubbery, resilient and resistant. As the training progresses, SFC’s methods set up the AFL player with a “cell’s memory” response which is connected to this internal pressure. This means that you will have a quicker response to cover you, both in correct, natural action and injury prevention. Just like trying to touch a fish in the water, the response is automatic and instantaneous. Your response to impact will be done through the subconscious mind. This cannot be trained by physical methods, and cannot be done with the thinking mind. If you look and think you’re already too late to protect yourself.

Through special programming, SFC can help the AFL player with injury recovery and natural movement. Our specialised 3-D movements help set up the body with a kinetic link, making it more organised and setting up muscles to move with a chain like affect. One muscle group fires, flowing to another muscle group, much the same as a snake. Your movements become more fluid and smooth.

Our training also increases blood circulation and oxygen capacity. SFC’s 3-D movements force blood through areas which contain many ligaments and tendons, helping to recover and heal all the joints in your body (especially, the spine, hip, knee and shoulder areas). These movements also help return the ligaments and tendons to their natural position. Moreover, increased blood circulation and oxygen capacity will also increase your sporting performance and your career length.

The methods we are talking about here are a means to increasing internal power, pressure, cell’s memory, sensitivity and healing. This culminates in bringing about an automatic response in the body that is powerful, natural and within a fraction of a second.