Action Mind

Everyone knows that we have a brain which, resides in our head, however we have a second brain or mind which, resides in the belly approximately one and a half to 2 inches below the navel. This mind or brain here is what we term the action mind or the Dantian mind.

It is from this point that all action takes place through SFC training. We develop this area as a power source (e.g. instant explosive power, snap power, vibrate power etc) and it is from this power source that energy explodes out like a bomb. Western science has already proven that there is an electrical vessel or an electrical connection between the thinking mind and the action mind. However, the action mind to Western physiology and sports sciences is non-existent or mildly elusive at best. By utilising the Dantian or action mind as the source you can synchronise the body; tendons, joints, muscles and cells come together to create action. SFC has the knowledge and skill to develop this action mind, this power centre to its full capabilities.