About Calligraphy Health

Calligraphy health has at its foundation a basic set of principles, or philosophies, which revolve around longevity, happiness, calm and deep peacefulness. This is done by setting up three main circulations in human system;

  1. Blood circulation; this is the main circulation calligraphy health sets up. This is part of the support for the joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles, and part of the self-healing process.
  2. Mental/nervous system circulation; this is setting up the brain and nervous system with energy circulation. This is often known through Western ideologies as meditation. This is part of the training, which heads towards the “happiness sea” or “cell’s smile”.
  3. Digestive circulation; this is the last part of our circulation training which revolves around maintaining the integrity of the intestinal tract and the major organs attached to it, for example the liver, the spleen, the stomach and kidneys, as well as the large/small intestines and bowel.

These three circulations are set up via a”three-dimensional philosophy system” which is the trademark of Calligraphy Health. When we talk about three dimensions we are talking about;

  1. three-dimensional energy transfer
  2. three-dimensional physical movement, and
  3. three-dimensional link of these two areas.

These three philosophies combine to facilitate the three main circulations which lead to the health benefits of longevity and good health. This is not something that has been made up in the last five minutes. These philosophies and movements are the culmination of Master Yang’s understandings over the last 40 years, and 5000 years of Chinese Taoist/Qi Gong history.

The Calligraphy Health System looks to ease the suffering of human beings for both now, and in the future. The physical ideology is to drive the body backwards, back to that of a child withthe end goal being; the passing of your physical being at an old age without any pain or suffering.