40-60 yrs Program

During this time, most people are still working hard and dealing with family life. However the body is going into a period of change and decline. Metabolism has dramatically slowed, and without having the proper maintenance, you may be noticing body function starting to diminish. This is a natural process which can’t be avoided. Calligraphy Health addresses this decline by helping to slow the process down, lengthening your life, preparing you for older ages, retirement and the challenges that come with this. This is much the same as a plane landing. We want a smooth descent and comfortable landing as opposed to losing control and crashing.

We slow this process down through the following areas;

  1. Breathing Patterns. This is a very important area in our program. At this time in your life, you are typically under a lot of stress and the first thing to be affected is your breathing. Our program teaches your body to breathe automatically and properly, bringing you back to a natural state. Correct breathing is the base foundation to your body’s chemistry and a long, healthy life. No monetary value can be placed on this. We can survive three weeks without food, and three days without water, but only three minutes without oxygen. Oxygen is absolutely fundamental to vitality and longevity.
  2. Brain Function and Stress Relief. Focusing on a career and/or kids can create a lot of stress and stress consumes a lot of oxygen. This is because stress is generated in the mind, and the brain can use up to 60 to 70% of any oxygen you intake. Calligraphy Health recognises that increasing brain function and stress release is directly related to circulation and oxygenation. The techniques we employ to assist increasing brain function are over 1000 years old. They include exercises, breathing, acupressure, meditation as well as specific techniques which target major organs in the body to help you deal with this area.
  3. Digestive Circulation. Typically through this age group, the actual act of eating is done “on-the-go” or in a rush. During the day while you’re at work, or in the morning when you’re trying to get the kids ready. Improper chewing and swallowing chunks of food can have a negative impact on digestion. Calligraphy Health specialises in moving the internal organs, especially the intestines and bowel, improving their function and elasticity. Over time, our movements can relieve many of the symptoms associated with poor digestion and bowel dysfunction.
  4. 3-D Movements. This is an area of speciality for Calligraphy Health. Our three-dimensional movements are specifically designed to;
    1. Release ligaments and tendons increasing joint range and mobility
    2. Decrease pain and facilitate self-healing
    3. Increase blood circulation and oxygenation. This also helps to deliver more nutrients to every corner of your body
    4. Open up blockages and channels
  5. Organ Prolapse. This is a natural process of the body whereby internal organs slowly start to descend. Typically, this is due to a loss of elasticity in the viscera. Calligraphy health helps to return elasticity to these organs by affecting change at a cellular level. Over time, the training to bring the organs back, close to their original position and reduce the decline of further prolapse